Minichamps Triumph Hurricane X75

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1973 Orange
The idea of the X75 was developed by Don Brown, who was the sales manager of the American importer in Nutley/ New Jersey. When he saw the new 750 Rocket3 in 1967, he was shocked. In his opinion the triple for the US-biker was way too conservative. Without asking the parent plant, he on his own assigned the well known designer Craig Vetter, who was only known among insiders and later became famous by his windjammer jackets, to create something new out of the existing bike. In Spring of 1969 Vetter took the challenge. But his elbowroom was very limited. Neither the engine, nor the chassis were allowed to be changed, while with the rest he was free to do whatever. Out of the conservative Rocket3 the clever designer wanted to create a visually potent bike styled in the ?American way of life? and combined with the at the time trendy chopper feeling. After drawing a couple of layouts he started to work on the practical part and modeled a seat patrol tank planking. Taking this model he finished the Monocoque out of glass fiber and underneath it, he covered the tiny 9,5 liter petrol tank out of aluminum sheets. © Winni Scheibe
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