MINICHAMPS McLaren MP4-12C 2011

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Minichamps replicates McLaren's latest entry into the super car market. The MP4/12C in Red Metallic is recreated in 1:18 scale with opening doors, hood and trunk. The actual car produces an incredible 600HP from an aluminum V8 with twin turbos, full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, and a double clutch 7 speed automatic transmission.  

"MP4" stands for "McLaren Project 4". The name is associated with the Formula 1 McLaren racing team, which since 1981 (begin of partnership of McLaren Racing with Project 4) uses "MP4" as the prefix for every race car. The Number 12 pinpoints the McLaren internal power index. "C" stands for "Carbonfibre MonoCell".
The MP4-12C is complete own development by McLaren. Most components are manufactured outside of McLaren, where as the final assembly is done in the McLaren Production Center.  The carbon fibre monocoque is made by the Austrian company Carbo Tech, the 7 speed double clutch transmission is delivered by the Italian company OC Oerlikon Graziano and the engine comes from the British produced Ricardo.  The McLaren MP4-12C is a designed and produced super sports car with carbon fibre chassis and 3.8 litre V8 mid engine by McLaren Automotive. The car was first presented in 2009 and the first customers received their vehicles in 2011. 

Characteristics 108 Parts with 133 Decorations:
48 Mask sprays
62 Tampo prints
13 Decals
10 Free sprays

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