Minichamps Triumph TR6

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94 Parts with 110 Decorations: 17 Mask sprays 7 Tampo prints 2 Decals 84 Free sprays
Hollywood's legendary action star, Steve McQueen, was famous for his coolness, his affections and his personality. Producers and directors were in desperation because of him and the youth at the time admired and apotheosized him in the same way as James Dean. The love for motorcycles, especially for dirt bikes, as well as the addiction for adventures, helped him in 1963 to achieve one of the most spectacular motorcycle stunts in movie history in the film ?The great escape?. He escaped out of a German prisoner of war camp on a Triumph TR6 650 Trophy. The original triumph was modified with some extra parts, while other original parts were removed. The modifications included the front fender, the tyre set, the exhaust system, the seat and many other things. Because of the respective paint, the motorcycle appealed as a military vehicle, fitting the movie circumstances. Two motorcycles existed, one was used for the stunt scenes, and the other one was used for closed up photos only.
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