O.S. SPEED R2103 .21 On Road Engine

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Stroke volume: 3.49 cc
Bore: 16.08 mm and stroke: 17.2 mm
practical rotation speed: 4,000 to 45,000 rpm
Output: 2.76 hp / 33,000 rpm
Weight: 340 g

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The OSSPEED R21 series which fought fierce fight at the last World Championship Brazil, achieving the brilliant success of the 2016 All-Japan Championships under the driving of Shimonaka Shimo. Aiming for the world championship championship in France 2017, we aim to achieve low and medium speed torque, brush the cylinder liner, the crankshaft shape which is the heart part. It evolved into "R2103". OS SPEED Traditional DLC coating, tungsten weight embedded crankshaft, tuning such as potting and of course inherited. The original performance can be demonstrated even on the high grip road surface, while leaving the fuel consumption performance that influences the victory or defeat of the race as it is. In addition, we applied 2 color print graphics to the outer head, and further increased fearlessness.

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