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The kit includes RIDE made XR control tire which is specification of ETS (euro touring series) race and control wing made by Italy Mon-Tech. It is a package for real RC formula race.

2.5mm thick composite carbon steel main chassis ■ Front kingpin coil suspension ■ left and right split aluminum front bulkhead ■ Carbon front lower / upper arm ■ Front tread adjustable (wide / narrow) ■ Front camber can be changed (1 degree to 2.5 degrees / 4 stages) ■ floating servo crank ■ Long side link ■ rubber tire specially designed high-strength aluminum rear bulkhead ■ carbon steel lower / upper brace ■ variable rear wing height (4 stages) ■ integrated thrust bearings built-in size diameter ball differential ■ machine cut spur gear (93T) standard equipment ■ large capacity pitching damper (touring car size) ■ large capacity machined aluminum roll friction damper ■ Ride made XR tire accessories (ETS control tire) ■ Italy Montekku made wing standard equipment ( ETS control wing) ■ rear vehicle height adjustment function ■ full ball bearings

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