YOKOMO YRX12 1/12th Scale Competion Kit

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Competion 1/12th Scale
The latest model 1/12 racing car YRX-12 released by Yokomo of the world champion brand. It is the ultimate racing machine I have stuck with champion mechanic · Naoka Kitagawa supervising the design and winning, winning the world top-level race including the IFMAR world championships many times.  Low center of gravity of the rear bulk as a high side countermeasure which is essential for increasing the cornering speed. The rear brace is divided into two, and the new large-capacity roll shock is also mounted in a low position, and the improvement of exercise performance is fulfilled. In addition to roll shock, pitching damper also increased in capacity, in addition to securing rear traction, spring choice increased to widen the setting range. It is the front double wishbone & pushrod suspension that makes full use of the rear which increased stability. Improvement of compliance with rigidity to improve road surface compatibility, drastically reducing push-under which tend to fall on high grip road surface has made it possible to connect stability to time-up. Yokomo, a name synonymous with multiple world championships have released their newest 1 / 12th platform, the all new YR-X12. With multiple 12th scale world and national titles under the belt, you can rest assured World class engineer Naoya Kitagawa has spared no expense in the development of the new YR-X12. Chief Designer Naoya Kitagawa completely overhauled the existing platform and has made a current 12th scale World Champion Marc Rheinard pilot the new platform at the 2016 World Championships in China.
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