Tamiya 1:72 Junkers Ju87 B-2/R-2 Stuka

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1/72 Scale war bird collection
One of the most famous Luftwaffe aircraft of WWII, the Ju-87 was a rugged and effective attack aircraft that served throughout the war despite its obsolescence. Along with its unmistakeable shape featuring inverted gull wings and fixed landing gear, and despite the fact that only a small number of planes were actually fitted with them, the Ju-87 would also be forever associated with the sound of wailing sirens as the planes dove toward their targets. Their dive-bombing attacks served to support the German army�s Blitzkreig tactics, and were also very effective against ship targets. It was used mainly in the ground-attack role to good effect. However devastating their ground-attack capabilities were, they were slow and became easy targets for Allied fighters as the Luftwaffe gradually lost air superiority
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