Tamiya Austin Mini Cooper 1275S. Mk.I

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Genius designer Sir Alec Issigonis was the driving force behind the quintessential British automobile, the Mini. In 1959, the British Motor Company released two versions of the Mini based on their Morris and Austin brands-the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven. The most salient characteristic of the Mini was its roominess. Despite a 3m body length, the Mini could comfortably fit four large adults with room to spare. This economy of space was accomplished by using a compact two-box layout, which positioned the transmission and gearbox in the oil sump. Four-wheel independent suspension and small diameter 10" wheels ensured a low and balanced ride. The popularity of the Mini grew and soon the Mk.II and Mk.III versions were born. In 1961, John Cooper of British racing fame souped-up the engine and introduced it to the public as the Morris Mini Cooper. Later, the Mini Cooper S was also created for race and rally participation. The finest version of the "S" type, the Mini Cooper 1275S Mk.I was released in 1964. It featured a 1275cc engine and was entered in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, among many higher-powered opponents. What it lacked in power, it made up for in nimbleness, taking the overall victory in the '64, '65 and '67 races. Both the Morris and Austin versions of the Mini Cooper S were built, differing from each other only in grill design and emblem. And while a new version of Mini was announced in September 2000, the worldwide popularity of the original Mini remains as strong as ever.
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