Mugen Seiki MBX7Re 1/8 OFF-ROAD Buggy Eco Kit

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All new M-spec MBX-7 ECO 1/8th electric 4WD Off-Road Racing Buggy, 90% rebuilt buggy ready to race or play. The MBX-7 ECO is built for racers by racers for competitive racing.

MBX-7R Eco Features:

♦ 3mm A-7075 hard anodized chassis
♦ Heavy duty aluminum motor mount housing A (E2122A) & motor mount B (E2122B)
♦ Plastic spur gear
♦ Lightweight conical gears
♦ Straight cut conical and ring gears
♦ Specialized designed front upper and lower suspension arm, front hub carriers,
rear suspension arms and hub carriers.
♦ Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and ackerman plate.
♦ 15mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shaft and rubber shock boots.
♦ 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
♦ 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
♦ 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
♦ Small composite molded receiver box & low center of gravity battery holder
♦ High down force wing which is adjustable forward and back.
♦ Stylish mid cab body

M-Spec Features:

♦ Pre-Assembled Differentials and Shocks with factory Mugen differential and shock oils

Differentials Oils:

Front - 7000 wt Oil (B0323)
Center - 10,000 wt Oil (B0317)
Rear - 5000 wt Oil (B0322)

Shocks and Springs:

Front - 600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ1.5 L70/8.0T Spring (E0572) / φ1.35 5H Taper Piston (E0580)
Rear - 550 wt Oil (B0333) / φ1.5 L86/8.5T Spring (E0575) / φ1.35 5H Taper Piston (E0580)

♦ Pre-cut Body
♦ Pre-set Camber, Caster, Ride Height, Front Tow In/Out and Rear Tow in all to Mugen Race Team settings.

Not Included:

♦ Electronic Speed Control
♦ Electric Motor
♦ Battery
♦ Radio Gear
♦ Tires and Wheels


♦ Parts List 2.77MB
♦ Setting Sheet 87.6KB
♦ Instruction Manual 8.57MB


Other necessary equipment:

2ch radio set for RC car (Transmitter, Receiver, Servo)/Batteries for Transmitter/Motor/ESC (Electric Speed Controller)/Batteries for RC Car/Charger/Body paint tools/Ties & Wheels

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